Corporate Governance

Coro recognizes the importance of good corporate governance in today’s business environment and its goal is to develop a culture within the Coro organization that supports this.

Consistent with National Policy 58-201, in Canada, the Board has:
(i) An Independent Director as the Chairman of the Board;
(ii) A written mandate which outlines the specific responsibilities for stewardship of the Company, and;
(iii) Adopted a written mandate for each of its Committees; Audit, Compensation and Corporate Governance.

The Company has also adopted the recommendations of Multilateral Instrument 52-110 for Audit Committees and as part of these recommendations has established a whistle-blower policy.


Coro is committed to operating in a sustainable and environmentally proactive manner. For all development projects, one of our first considerations is to identify, evaluate and mitigate the potential impact their development may have on the environment and ecosystems of the area in which Coro plans to operate. Our goal is to conduct our business in a manner that exceeds all applicable environmental laws in the countries in which we operate and to meet or exceed the highest standards of best practice established by the mining industry worldwide.

Social Responsibility

Coro is acutely aware that its key stakeholders include those people who work and live within the communities in which we operate. Our approach is to establish, early in the evaluation process, an open and honest dialogue with all parties which may be affected by our project development and we encourage and welcome feedback from them. Our ultimate objective is to operate our company in an open and ethical manner and to develop our projects in consultation with local communities, to the lasting social and economic benefit of all of our stakeholders.