About Coro


Coro was founded with the goal of building a mining company focused on medium-sized base and precious metals deposits in Latin America. The Company intends to achieve this through the exploration for, and acquisition of, copper projects that can be developed and placed into production.

A Leveraged Cash Flow Strategy

Using in-house exploration and development expertise, the Coro strategy is to grow a mining business through the discovery, development and operation of “Coro type” projects which have the following characteristics:

  • Stage of development when discovered/acquired is immaterial, preferably open pit
  • Close to infrastructure & water
  • Cost effective with a short timeline to production
  • Environmentally simple & socially acceptable
  • Financeable relative to Coro's market capitalization
  • Readily scalable with additional exploration

Coro will then develop them by:

  • Accelerating commencement of production
  • Minimizing initial capital investment rather than maximizing Net Present Value
  • Prioritizing profitability over production rate